Yamaha RX V385

Yamaha RX V385 Review – A Perfect Device for Your Home Theater Room Yamaha Reciver RX V385 has always become the recommendation whenever we search for a good receiver and amplifier for home theatre. Because of that, we decided to look for what this product has for us. We hope this review will be a good reference for you that also want to buy this product.

Yamaha RX V385

More Details

Yamaha RX V385

The Design

First of all, let’s see the design of this av yamaha receiver. Yamaha did a great job to maintain their minimalist and not-that-many-accents style. Everything is in the proper place. The button, port for connection purposes, LED screen, and other buttons are easy to find and use.

Appearance-wise, we can see the vintage Yamaha receiver on this product. The boxy style is similar to the old AV receiver you can find on the old product. However, that is what makes it beautiful. You can put it in your room, and the yamaha receiver vintage vibe will make it become the room’s focal point.

Specification and Features

RX V385 is a 5.1 channel amplifier. Therefore, it is one of the best choices for a yamaha receiver surround sound you can buy. It will create a beautiful sound that fills up your room. Thanks to this feature, it is a perfect device you can use for your home theatre.

Furthermore, this system also allows this device to produce high-quality yamaha receiver natural sound. It brings different experiences in enjoying the movie, music, or any video that you play using this yamaha receiver amplifier. It gives you much better things than other similar products.

One of the best things you can get from its 5.1 channel system is you don’t need too many speakers to create a surround sound effect. You only put a necessary number of speakers in front of you. Then, it can create the surrounding effect like what you want.

Then, the connectivity feature on this product is one of the best you can find. It has the latest bluetooth yamaha receiver technology. You can pair it with various Bluetooth devices without a problem. Other than the yamaha receiver bluetooth feature, this product also has many other connectivity features that you can use.

It has a USB port you can find on the front side. Use it to access the external storage device to play the movie or music file in it. On the other hand, for a high-quality connection, you also can use the HDMI port on the back. It has HDMI 2.1 with HDCP 2.2 (4 in/1 out) on the back.

However, RX V385 is not only a yamaha receiver with bluetooth. It also has a pack of amazing sound and video-related features. One of our favorite features is the YPAO auto-calibration technology. This feature helps you to adjust the sound, so it will produce an ideal sound that you can enjoy.

Moreover, like other Yamaha products, RX V385 also has an exclusive feature you can find only in Yamaha products. As for this product, there is Exclusive Yamaha Cinema DSP technology. This feature supports HD Audio playback. So, if you use Dolby TrueHD or DTS HD Master Audio, you can pair them with this device. So, get ready for the best and natural sound imaging with this yamaha receiver home theater.

How about the image quality? RX V385 is a 4k yamaha receiver. It supports 4K Ultra HD resolution images and video. It also has HDR10 technology with Dolby vision and hybrid log gamma and BT. 2020. Moreover, to support this high-quality image feature, Yamaha also has included the latest HDMI standard. This feature gives you the best device to play 4K video at 60 fps. Plus, it also supports the HDR10 format and Dolby vision. Therefore, you can get the image and video with better contrast, brightness, color tone, and rich color.

Yamaha Receivers RX V385 Comparison

Now, you already know what kind of features and advantages that RX V385 has. So, how about its position when we compare it with other products? First of all, let’s see from the standard comparison, which is the denon vs yamaha receiver.

Denon is one of the best brands in this industry. They are reliable and their products are durable with high performance. However, if we only put RX V385 with the same class Denon recover, we can say that the Yamaha receiver is much better. It has solid features and services that you can’t find in Denon receiver.

Moreover, RX V385 also is not a 2 channel yamaha receiver. So, the sound quality is much better. Unfortunately, even though it is not a yamaha receiver 2 channel, it doesn’t have MusicCast compatibility. As we all know, yamaha receiver with musiccast gives you much easier to connect and use it with your mobile device. But, the bluetooth for yamaha receiver in this product is enough for that connection purpose.

Moreover, the Bluetooth feature in this device is also easy to adjust and pair. You only have to turn on the mobile device Bluetooth and this device will automatically detect it. The rest of it is similar to when you pair with other Bluetooth devices.

Where to Buy

Now, if you want to find the best yamaha receiver 2021, we recommend Amazon. They have the best deal, prices, and various accessories. However, you also can find this device in other places, such as yamaha receiver costco or yamaha receiver best buy.

Make sure you find the promo or special deal to get the best price from costco yamaha receiver or best buy yamaha receiver. Otherwise, you can always buy from Amazon for the best deals and various advantages you can’t find elsewhere. Plus, they also have top-quality customer support.


In general, Yamaha did a great job in building this device to be one of the best AV receivers you can find on the market. The features, performance, and specifications are all top-notch. We recommend it for you who want to buy a new receiver with a limited budget. Find the place that you can trust then get the best deal on Yamaha RX V385 Manual Best Price